About Piggyback Ranch


Our History



Piggyback Ranch is owned and operated by Greg and Hilary.

Greg has extensive background in farming and raising pigs.  His love for the agricultural life started at a young age when he was in 4-H and evolved into FFA and working on a his grandfathers pig farm.  Greg moved to Bend 17 years ago and never looked back.  Hilary, while she was a city girl is a small town girl at heart that had a dream of having a ranch of her own some day.   The two met 5 years ago and the idea spawned to raise heritage pigs.  While looking for a docile breed they fell in love with the Gloucestershire Old Spots and Large blacks.  These Heritage hogs along with their other animals are the perfect combination to provide soil enhancement, airation, and fertilization that is needed to keep the pastures rich in nutrients and free of chemically based pesticides.   They sought out high quality breed stock from Missouri and less than a year later had produced four litters on their property.

The Heritage Hogs are efficient foragers grazing on pastures of clover, alfalfa and orchard grass.  They are supplemented with a Non-GMO feed that is locally milled.  The feed is whole grain, corn and soy free and mixed with recycled brewery grain from a local brewery in addition to some other fresh veggies and fruits along the way.

On Piggyback Ranch you will also find friendly chickens, yaks, alpacas,  three dogs and a few resident donkey (Leroy).

The Ranch

Greg and Sherman, the Yak.

Greg and Sherman, the Yak.