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Keeping it Local!

There is currently only two ways to purchase our meat.  You can either buy a whole or half hog custom butchered to your liking or you can join our CSA.  We do not sell meat by the pound.

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  CSAs generally focus on the production of high quality foods for a local community, often using organic or biodynamic farming methods, and a shared risk membership–marketing structure. This kind of farming operates with a much greater degree of involvement of consumers and other stakeholders than usual — resulting in a stronger consumer-producer relationship.   The core design includes developing a cohesive consumer group that is willing to come together in order to get quality foods they desire. The system has many variations on how the farm budget is supported by the consumers and how the producers then deliver the foods. CSA theory purports that the more a farm embraces whole-farm, whole-budget support, the more it can focus on quality and reduce the risk of food waste or financial loss.

About our CSA

Our belief is that the whole animal should be fully utilized at each butchering,  Therefore, we have been building up our CSA to collectively pool our members together to share in the butchering of an entire hog.  Our customers come to us because of how we raise our pigs and for the amount of care and love that we devote to the process.  Being a part of our CSA is not just participating in purchasing a whole hog, it’s a way to support farming that can nurture the animals and in turn produce a food that is nurturing to your body and soul.  Our CSA is always growing and changing to meet our customers demands.  If you would like more information on our CSA please contact us.

Restaurants can order pasture raised heritage pork in Whole/Half/Primal Cut.

Please contact us for the current availability list.


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